I have a number of interests and areas of expertise that I feel help keep me in touch with current and future trends, as well as honing my eye for my artwork.

Photography: it began as going out to collect visual resources for some documentaries, and has re-ignited into a passion for the photographic world. Please feel free to click here to visit some of my photo albums.

Furniture Design and Construction: I have had a love for woodworking since childhood. Recently this has manifested itself in the design and construction of custom furniture. I have a tendency to see a need for a particular functionality in a piece of furniture, then I set out to design and build it. There are few greater sources of satisfaction in life than owning and using furniture that you created with your own hands.

3D Printing: Most recently I have been working with a variety of 3D printers for both the purposes of prototyping but also final construction. I see the recent advances in this industry as being the key to the world of the future. It has certainly grown alongside the current Maker movement...light manufacturing in the home is only going to grow and expand.

Resin Casting: Related to the 3D printing is the use of plastic resins for manufacturing, especially for items that need to be replicated in quantity. I have used this form of manufacturing to construct various props for production work and retail purchase.

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